We welcome prospective advertisers to contact us. Our advertising spots range from simple business card-like ads around the site to video commercials or presentations. If you are interested in placing an advertisement on our site, please contact us.

We welcome advertisers of any kind. We are open to any industry and business. Businesses that do well are any newspapers, magazines, blogs, special events, restaurants, schools, marketing, and computer-related businesses. If you want to apply, please send us the following information:

  1. Company or business name and main niche
  2. What exactly you want to advertise
  3. Contact person and contact information
  4. Sample ad – video or jpeg welcome
  5. Information about how long you want the ad to run or be visible

Based on this information, we will compile a quote for your advertisement for the duration you requested. Once you accept the quote and pay the 50% deposit, we will publish your ad. We will refer any queries regarding your ad, straight to you. Some people contact us instead of the company itself.

Many businesses only want exposure for a short period. Therefore we request a duration period. We don’t limit your period of validity, but you determine it. If you want to change the type of ad or replace it with a new one, you simply need to inform us. Send us the new or updated ad and we will replace the existing one for no extra fees.

Contact us today to expand your reach and be seen

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